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The NVS Honeycomb / Hexcore series is designed to deliver the dynamic performance of traditional fiberglass fins, while eliminating unnecessary weight.  Our Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process yields a lightweight fin that optimally balances flex, drive and responsiveness for high speed, performance surfing.  These sexy fins are the go to, high performance choice for any of the NVS team riders.

The EcoSeries fins have been designed with both maximal performance and minimal environmental impact in mind.  A Natural bamboo core decreases the overall weight of the fins without sacrificing strength and flex.  Bamboo actually has higher tensile and compression strength than steel.  It is also the fastest growing woody plant on earth, making it a more sustainable material than conventional fin cores.  The use of Bamboo is taking pressure off old growth hardwood forests, and reducing environmental toxins commonly associated with the harvest of traditional woods.  NVS is dedicated to minimizing negative environmental impact, our EcoSeries is another step in that direction.

Carbon Fiber has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any composite material currently on the market.  Carbon fiber's strength, along with its lightweight heat resistant properties have led to innovative use in numerous industries.  On NVS Fins, we use multiple layers of carbon fiber sandwiched between fiberglass allowing for increased strength without sacrificing fin responsiveness or flex.  Using carbon fiber in combination with the Honeycomb, Resin Transfer Molding process yields extremely durable lightweight, high performance fins.


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