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This past spring we had the privilege of working with Rob Machado Surfboards to bring some of Rob's designs to life.  

Rob had been working to get the perfect fin for his Seaside Quad board and once he had an outline dialed he needed to optimize the foiling.  

Rob's prototype fins:
Prototype Rob Machado Seaside Quads

As you can see these fins had been sanded down for a more ideal template.  

From here we made some subtile changes to the outline and applied our proprietary SeriesIII foiling in order to make these fins significantly faster. We made these in our Apex Series construction because you can't mold the performance Rob was looking for. 

NVS Rob Machado Seaside Quad

NVS Rob Machado Seaside Quad

Once the 3D files were completed we quickly knocked out a few prototypes for Rob and crew to test out.
Rob Machado Seaside QuadRob Machado Seaside QuadRob Machado Seaside Quad

Once testing was complete we put these into production in April 2018.  

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