NVS Apex Series Fins

NVS Apex Series Fiberglass Fins: The Pinnacle of Performance.

Better Materials:

  • ApexMade using G10; an industrial grade fiberglass, which is manufactured to the highest quality standard.  Made by laminating layers of fiberglass with epoxy resin under pressure and heat in order to yield consistent, high quality panels We’ve eliminated the potential for the imperfections that are common with hand laid fiberglass panels.  This process also allows us to use a precise and ideal resin to fiber ratio which; maximizes strength, decreases weight, idealizes flex patterns and reduces both waste and VOC output.  Better for you, better for the environment. 

  • Apex Flex: Made using Volan Fiberglass yielding an increased flex profile deeper into the body of the fin.  Subtle but salient.

Better Foiling: One of the primary highlights of our Apex Series line of fins is that each fin is cut on a CNC machine using the exact foil profiles we’ve developed.  The high quality fiberglass we use allows us to foil the fins for maximum performance without sacrificing durability. 

  • SeriesIII:  Our flagship foiling is the benchmark of high performance and speed.  We use a set of very specific foils; derived from an array of NACA foiling research and a deep study of fluid dynamics to develop SeriesIII.  The purpose has been to optimize laminar flow [speed] and decrease turbulent flow [drag].   This translates to fins which allow for quicker/more effortless generation of speed that is also easier to maintain and utilize down the line.  Our seriesIII foiling also means Apex fins offer a wider AOA (Angle Of Attack), allowing you to carry speed through more acute radius turns, without stalling. This means you're more likely to actually generate speed through turns.  More speed = more fun. 

  • Concave: Our range of inside foils are used when shapers or surfers are interested in bringing more lift to a template (or board).  An inside foil can enhance efficiency of water flow over the surface of the fin, adding lift and reducing drag. The resulting optimized lift can set surfers up for more fluid, performance-oriented surfing even if the conditions lack juice
  • Retro: Used on some longboard fins such as the Da Clutch and Gypsy which generally feature some variation of a more forward foil.  These foils are often a more period appropriate foil to suited the classic board designs.  Good for noseriders, or any boards for which a significant amount of lift is desired.

Better Manufacturing: By using cutting edge CNC machines and precise designs we machine cut each fin in order to have the perfect foil and finish. All NVS fins are designed 100% in house using advanced 3D software.

This is what makes the Apex Series G10 fins the strongest most high performance fins in the world.

Of course performing better than anything on the market isn’t enough for us so we left these with a unique and sexy tree ring finish that is sure to turn heads.