Series III Foiling

​Our proprietary SeriesIII Foiling utilizes adaptations to specific NACA foil models.  Put simply we have created foiling which has idealized laminar flow and minimized turbulent flow (the primary source of drag associated with fins).  The reduced drag yields the fastest fins on the market.  

​There are many factors that play into making SeriesIII foiling such high performance. One of the key design features is the ​refined leading edge which decreases separation ​of the predictable distribution of flow velocities in layers (lamina) ​​or that parallel the foil margins ​as water flows ​alongside the fins.  Thicker leading edges, which are industry standard, create significant turbulence (translating to increased drag), ultimately slowing your board down and often leading to stalling in the middle of critical turns.

SeriesIII ​foiled ​​f​ins allow for ​more effortless acceleration down the line which means you'll be working less to build up speed, and having more fun wiping the more easily accessed velocity off.  This leads to more powerful, accentuated maneuvers across the board.  Surfing is almost entirely about building speed, and utilizing it.  Our SeriesIII makes the first part of that equation easier, so you can concentrate on the second.  Our foiling also means surfers riding these fins will have access to a wider angle of attack (the angle between the chord of the foil and the direction of the surrounding flow of water) which means you'll be able to turn more critically, and with greater force without worrying about stalling, bogging or having to try and regenerate velocity during transitions.  Think more powerful, fluid, controlled surfing.  

​We've poured our energies into the development and refinement of our SeriesIII foiling and are proud to offer what we are confident are the highest performance fins in the world.