Rob Machado Eco Board from the Boardroom Show

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The boardroom show was this past weekend in Del Mar, CA and we had the pleasure to collaborate with Rob Machado for the eco board installation and his boards on display at 760 Glassing.

The 6'0" Tom Taylor model was made with recycled Marko EPS, hemp cloth, bio resin and up-cycled baltic birch.
Rob and Ragnar
Using up cycled baltic birch we hand foiled the 8.5 inch longboard fins that were glassed on. 
Hand Foiled
Using fiberglass scraps we laminated each fin with pictures Rob took during his travels so each fin is unique.
Rob's ArtNVS x Machado Surfboards
One fin was used on the eco board and the remaining 4 were on display on Rob's boards at 760 Glassing.

We want to give a special thanks to the crew at 760 Glassing for the amazing work they did on these boards.

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