Traction Pad Install

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I know, installing a Traction Pad is simple, right?  Well, yes but many people don’t take the time to prep the surfboard.We’ve all been the victim of a rush job when we pick up a new surfboard or when swell is on the way.

If you just picked up a new board make sure to clean the surface of the board with rubbing alcohol before gluing your traction pad down.  I was a little surprised to see how much dust was on what appeared to be a new, clean board.

I recommend using a spray bottle which makes things a little easier and you don’t have to worry about knocking over a full bottle of rubbing alcohol on your carpet (your significant other / roommates won’t be happy if you do).

If you’re cleaning up the glue from an older board use your favorite wax remover to remove the bulk of the glue.  Once the board “looks” clean apply rubbing alcohol to remove any grease residue from the old pad which may be on the surface of the board.
Once your board is nice and clean take the new pad and place it in the desired location, make sure to leave the backing on the tape while you determine placement.Once you have the pad where you want it start with one piece and glue it down.  Gently apply pressure to the entire surface area of the pad to ensure the glue makes contact with the surfboard.  Repeat as many times as necessary if using a multi-piece deck grip.
If possible, put some weight on the pad overnight so the glue has time to firmly set before taking it out and ripping.

Now that you're done and the glue is dry get out there and have fun!

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