How to Improve Your Surfing

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  1. Use the right board:  Use a board size that is appropriate for the conditions and your skill level / weight.  Pro's can surf on a potato chip, you might need a little more volume.

  2. Try different fin setups:  There is no one fin that works for everyone and each fin will feel a little different.  If you have plastic fins on the board now, swap them out for a High Performance Fins, even beginners can feel the difference.

  3. Practice Pop-ups:  Pop ups, like burpees, aren’t a lot of fun to do but they are functional.  Spend 5-10 minutes per day doing pop ups and you and your friends will see a noticeable the difference in the water.

  4. Core strength:  There's a reason tons of pro's offer exercise guides that focus on core strength.

  5. Cardio: The ability to manage breathing and not run out of air is essential in all surf conditions.

  6. Watch other surfers:  Pay attention to what more experienced surfers are doing.

  7. Warm Up:  It’s good to make sure your muscles are loose before getting in, especially if the water is on the colder side.

  8. Stretch / Yoga:  Working the knots out of your shoulders and back after each session will make you feel better so you can get back out sooner.

  9. Don’t be afraid to fall:  Failing isn’t fun but it will help build your comfort level in the water.  If you fall pick yourself up and get back in the lineup.

  10. Surf More: As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

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