G&S Speed Bites

  • $75.00

The G&S Side Bites utilize the same "Bonzeresque" principles, but on a smaller scale to enhance any 2+1 fin set up.

Speed Bites offer less drag than ordinary side bites with its 80/20 foil and low depth of 2 inches.

The 19 degree built in angle offers some extra traction while in trim, but really comes alive when fully engaged on edge in a hard turn, giving you an extra “5th gear" of thrust and bite out of your turns and extra hold out of turns in steep "High Line" sections.These Speed Bites fill a specific niche and they are finally available.

Base: 4.75 inch
Height: 2.0 inch
Area: 6.66 square inch
Cant: 19 Degree (FCS and Futures bases)
Foil: 80/20

***G&S Team Rider / Shaper Isaac Wood recommends especially insane results when paired with our NVS 6.5" Skip Frye center fin in their G&S Gypsy Models.

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