Skip Frye Single Fin (6.5" - 9.25")

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We’re stoked and honored to offer a range of single fins designed by Skip Frye. Skip is widely considered to be one of the great builders of surf craft in modern history. Skip's fin theories and concepts have emerged from a lifetime of dedication to his craft. They feature classic lines that mirror the design sensibilities of the boards he’s been crafting for nearly 60 years. Skip's designs are all about trim and glide. 

Due to their classic, effective lines; Skip's templates are some of the more popular single fins available for mid-lengths, gliders, 2+1's and trim focused longboards.   

Height: 6.5" - Base 4.46"
Height: 7.5" - Base 4.76"
Height: 8.0" - Base 5.03"
Height: 8.5" - Base 5.20"
Height: 9.25" - Base 5.07"
Foil: SeriesIII
Material: G10

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