Peregrine Quad (M, L) - Apex

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The Peregrine Thrusters have been a favorite of ours and customers since we released them several years back.  The outline is a relatively upright pivot template which is ideal for surfing vertically in the pocket as well as allowing for quick snaps and tight radius turns.

We’re offering the Peregrine fronts with our JL trailers.  The pairing works beautifully… these quads are fast and responsive.  Expect to feel like your board is attached to your feet.   They've been a recent favorite of Taylor Knox in the quad fishes that he's developing with Chris Borst.  

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animal on the planet.  The Peregrine Quads mirror performance characteristics displayed by these magnificent creatures; SPEED and AGILITY.  

As always, we’re making these fins in our Apex Series construction; which means we’ve applied our proprietary SeriesIII foiling ensuring idealized fluid dynamics (reduced drag and optimal laminar flow over the foil surface).   Apex Series fins are #BuiltToLast and come with a lifetime guarantee.


Base: 4.35"
Height: 4.54"
Area: 14.78 in²
Foil: Flat

Base: 3.95"
Height: 3.95"
Area: 11.14 in²
Sweep: 32.1°

Base: 4.50"
Height: 4.70"
Area: 15.82 in²
Sweep: 32.7°

Base: 3.96"
Height: 4.07"
Area: 11.99 in²
Sweep: 30.5°

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