Album Bom Dia Quad - Apex

  • $125.00

The Bom Dia Quad is a large quad set that Victor Bernardo designed with Matt Parker of Album for his Bom Dia model.  Victor uses these fins when the surf is on the bigger side.

The Bom Dia quad is a 
well balanced, large quad template, designed for fluid, stylish surfing.  These will provide generous amounts of hold on steeper waves while also helping generate speed on smaller softer waves. These fins are ridiculously fun, and will open up new horizons for those looking to expand their stye.
Base: 4.92 inch
Height: 4.82 inch
Area: 16.00 square inch
Foil: Flat
Base: 4.20 inch
Height: 3.80 inch
Area: 11.75 square inch
Foil: 80/20
Part of our Apex G10 Construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled G10 fiberglass for the ultimate in performance and durability.  The combination of highly durable material and precision foiling yield a fin that is stronger and has a more ideal flex pattern than your traditional honeycomb or composite fins. Learn more about the NVS Apex Series fins.

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