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Name (Nickname):Tiare Nicole Thompson (TNT) 
Years Surfing:12
Board Setup(s):5'7" R. Yes Thanks, 5'7" Swallow Tail custom, 5'7" Beach Break Groovler, 5'10" Rusty Enough Said and an 8'0" rounded pin tail 
Fin Setup(s): Everyday Fins are the 5.2's and JL's on the step up. 
Sponsors: California Pizza Kitchen, Rusty Surfboards, Rusty America Clothing, Matuse, Sector 9, Sun Bum, Jo Ropers Ding Repair
Home break: WindanSea 
Favorite surf spot: Blacks and WindanSea 
Favorite pro surfer(s): Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton 
Dream surf trip: Australia 
Other hobbies/passions: Surfing, Bike riding, and Lucid dreaming 
Something most people don't know about you: I attend my public Local High School, 5 days a week 
Favorite pre surf jam: Cant Stop the Feeling by Justin Timerblake 
Favorite surf lingo/quote: No trip yo! (Made up by me and my friends signaling that a set was approaching) 
Fun Fact: I have five egg laying hens as my pets and my cat named Roxy 
Go to post surf meal: California Pizza Kitchen 
Goofy or Regular (why your stance is better): Regular foot is way better than goofy foot because going frontside on a right is way better 
How do you describe surfing to someone who doesn't surf? Surfing is taking your surfboard out into the ocean and having so much fun catching waves and watching the sea animals interact with the ocean just like I do! 
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