Vernor Twin - Apex

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David Vernor designed this template for smaller wave twins.

We worked with David to fine tune a custom foil, which we call the Hourglass foil.  The foiling on this twin has a unique transition from concave at the base which starts to transition to a flat foil at about midway up then goes back to a deeper concave at the tip.  
Sold with an optional trailer, these can use used as a stand alone twin or as a twin+stabilizer for added control.
Base: 4.68"
Height: 5.14"
Area: 19.62 in²
Rake: 33.0°
Foil: Hourglass
Cant: 6.5°
Base: 3.44"
Height: 3.35"
Area: 8.30 in²
Rake: 29.0°
Foil: 50/50
Cant: 0°
Part of our Apex G10 Construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled G10 fiberglass for the ultimate in performance and durability.  The combination of highly durable material and precision foiling yield a fin that is stronger and has a more ideal flex pattern than your traditional honeycomb or composite fins. Learn more about the NVS Apex Series fins.

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