Surf Prescriptions Tallboy Twin - Apex

  • $95.00

Jeff “Doc” Lausch has been shaping boards and refining his craft for for nearly four decades; and has been making boards under his label “Surf Prescriptions” out of Huntington Beach, California since 1982.  Doc and the crew at Surf Prescriptions are “dedicated to pushing the limits of high performance and alternative surfcraft. [The] wide range of unique surfboards reflects [their] philosophy of reinventing yourself every day.”

People all across the globe swear by Doc’s boards, some having ridden his shapes their whole lives.  It’s been an honor to make several of his fin templates. 

The Tallboy Twin is upright modern Twin fin the same width as height. An ideal combination for performance Twins with enough area to push hard and not slide out. Solid down the line projection yet quick and responsive.  “Great for all short performance Twins at the same time a nice snappy alternative to keels on Twins of all lengths and designs” -Doc.

Base: 5.70"
Height: 5.60"
Area: 22.31 in²
Rake: 34.3°
Foil: Flat
Material: G10

Cant angle for Futures based twins: 4 Degree

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