Stu Kenson Twinzer Canard (L) - Apex

  • $50.00

Longtime surfer/shaper Stu Kenson has cemented his place as one of San Diego's most talented and respected custom board builders over the course of the past 4-5 decades.

He started doing ding repair at the age of 13, and shaped his first board during the summer of 1971.

Stu Kenson has cultivated a dedicated, worldwide following and is know for his performance shortboards, big wave guns, longboards and various other alternative board designs (single, twin fish, twinzer and mid-length board).

Per Stu, these “pair with essentially all sizes and styles of Twinzer set ups; from performance longboards, mid-length eggs, fish boards and high performance shortboards.”

The Stu Kenson CANARD fins were designed to be paired with his Twin template but can be used in any setup calling for canards.

Base: 2.77"
Height: 3.16"
Area: 7.17 in²
Rake: 31.9°
Foil: Flat
Material: G10

NOTE: If canard fins use a 0-degree plug then select the 9-degree cant angle; if the plugs are 9-degree then select the 0-degree cant angle.

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