Nautilus Twin - Apex

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Our Nautilus Twins fall into the category of a classic, well-balanced upright twin template.   Derived from the tried and true MR style outline that has proven to be a go to for surfers in performance oriented twins for nearly four decades.  The Nautilus Twins are a true ‘all around’ upright template, a great place to start for most surfers in most twins.  They have sufficient base & surface area to provide drive and stability through turns, yet not so much to over-fin most boards or surfers.   The Nautilus fins will allow you to generate speed with ease, pivot and release easily off the top, and our SeriesIII foiling will help you maintain fluid acceleration through and between maneuvers.  Think; lots of flow.  

The large front fins provide that balance of drive and release with lots of down the line speed and will work great alone.  If you want to feel a little more locked in we've included the option to add a small center fin / stabilizer to help keep the board under control in larger/faster surf, or for more powerful surfers.  
Base: 5.04"
Height: 5.55"
Area: 20.70 in²
Rake: 33.2°
: Flat
Material: G10
Base: 3.44"
Height: 3.35"
Area: 8.30 in²
Rake: 29.0°
Foil: 50/50
Material: G10
Cant angle for Futures based twin: 6.5 Degree  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
5 Star setup

Just had them fedexed to me and luckily had some ok surf to test them out.

Right from the first wave these bad boys had something special.

Amazing drive, great pivoting while making a critical turn while maintaining control at high speed.

The speed and drive I got on these was unparalleled.

It felt like a completely different board.

Top notch product:)

Twin + stabilizer

You can create tons of speed with these fins. I ride them in a step up that has a wing into rounded pin. The combination of the wing and this setup is magic. Will hold in the barrel but will give you the ability to generate tons of speed when rolling in or in flat spots.