Mako 6" (FCS & Futures Base) - Apex

  • $55.00

Known for their speed and agility, Makos are the fastest shark in the ocean.   Their sleek, hydrodynamic form allows them to flow through the water with a fluidity those of us who ride the surface admire and mirror.

The Mako center fin is a versatile, high performance template that will function well in a broad range of conditions.  It's classic outline is inspired by forms that have emerged in nature after eons of selection; and offers straightforward speed and responsiveness.  The Mako is geared toward more performance oriented surfboards, though the balanced outline will perform well in a wide range of boards.   The larger sizes are great for retro style single fin longboards, while the small and medium sizes pair well with mid-lengths and 2+1’s.

6" Height - 4.27" Base
Material: G10

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