Kraken Twin - Apex

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Our solid fiberglass, precision foiled Kraken Twins are a well balanced, large twin template, designed for fluid, stylish surfing. The Krakens Twins with our dynamic SeriesIII Foiling will deliver effortless speed down the line, with smooth rail to rail transitions. These twins will compliment any fish outline. They can also be thrown in hybrid shorties or standard thrusters that carry more width/volume through the tail. These fins are ridiculously fun, and will open up new horizons for those looking to expand their stye. Think late 70's, early 80's flow crossed with progressive, modern-day performance.
Base: 5.25"
Height: 5.37"
Area: 19.57 in²
Rake: 34.2°
Material: G10
Base: 3.44"
Height: 3.35"
Area: 8.30 in²
Rake: 29.0°
Foil: 50/50
Material: G10
Cant angle for Futures based twin: 6.5 Degree

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