Grennan Side Bite (3.75") - Apex-Naked Viking Surf

Grennan Side Bite (3.75") - Apex

  • $60.00

Jeff Grennan has been working on the design of his templates for years.  Over the last year we’ve been working with him to add a high performance foil in order to increase the flow and speed of his fins. 

Jeff’s idea was to pair a narrow base with increased rake in order to decrease drag while retaining control down the line and through turns.
  And boy was he right; his template has become a favorite in the San Diego glider scene and is used by the likes of Skip Fry and Bob Mitsven as well a tons of others.

Base: 3.56"
Height: 3.75"
Area: 9.75 in²
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
Material: G10

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