Duke Aipa Horseman Trailers (M, L) - Apex

  • $60.00

Better watch out when the Four Horsemen ride...The HORSEMEN Trailers were designed to complement a large range of quad design boards from performance grovelers, shortboard, big guy shortboard, and performance longboards.

The HORSEMEN template is pulled from the AIPA family archives and masterfully modernized for tomorrows surfer.

The Horsemen trailers are designed to pair with a fuller front fin.
Base: 3.87"
Height: 3.68"
Area: 10.17 in²
Rake: 38.4°
Foil: Flat
Material: G10

Base: 4.10"
Height: 3.90"
Area: 11.46 in²
Rake: 38.4°
Foil: Flat
Material: G10

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