David Vernor Single Fin (7-10") - Apex

  • $130.00

This single fin was designed and refined by David Vernor over the last 30 years.  It's his go to template on his Roaster (7" + 3.7" side bite), and Treehugger (8") models.  

We use these on a number of single fin and mid-lengths with great success.  The narrow base and slightly raked back design allow for easy rail to rail transitions without being too loose.  

Add a pair of side bites for increased stability and control down the line.

Height: 3.3"
Base: 3.33"

Area: 8.39 sq Inch
Rake: 32.5 Degree
Height: 3.7"
Base: 3.74"
Area: 10.54 sq inch
Rake: 32.5 Degree

NOTE: Futures Side bites bases are 3/4 inch deep and will not work as quad rears.  

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