Grennan (S, M, L) - Apex

  • $90.00

Jeff Grennan has been working on the design of his templates for years.  Over the last year we’ve been working with him to add a high performance foil in order to increase the flow and speed of his fins. 

Jeff’s idea was to pair a narrow base with increased rake in order to decrease drag while retaining control down the line and through turns.
  And boy was he right; his template has become a favorite in the San Diego glider scene and is used by the likes of Skip Fry and Bob Mitsven as well a tons of others.

Base: 3.54 inch
Height: 4.25 inch
Area: 11.09 square inch
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
Base: 3.82 inch
Height: 4.60 inch
Area: 12.87 square inch
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
Base: 3.84 inch
Height: 4.60 inch
Area: 14.11 square inch
Foil: Flat SeriesIII

The Grennan fins are part of our Apex Series lineup. Apex fins are made with precision foiled G10 fiberglass; G10 is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and baking it an autoclave to have the maximum strength of any fiberglass available. Learn more about the NVS Apex Series fins here.

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