C-Drive Twin (L) - Apex

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For All Australian & New Zealand C-Drive Fin orders, purchase here: http://www.cdrivefins.com
Additionally please speak to Troy - Troy.cdrvfins@gmail.com  for further information.

The C-Drive Fins® template was developed by Troy Clutton C&C Fin Design and has been used by the likes of Ross Clarke-Jones, Maurice Cole and many others. The unique design is so innovative it was awarded a worldwide patent. 

So how does it work?  The combination of a very wide base with lots of surface area lower in the fin provides ridiculous amounts of drive paired with the cutout and more refined tip allow for more maneuverability.  The base is wider than the depth which isn’t seen in your typical fins.

Best suited for Intermediate+ to advanced surfers who spend more time on rail and those who like to get in late. 

The C-Drive fins are a stiff fin which is why we made them with G10 fiberglass, we’re able to keep the rigidity needed for these to perform properly while keeping them foiled thinner than when using standard fiberglass. 

These aren’t like your standard fins and will take a few sessions to get used to but once you’ve ridden them you’ll be hooked.  Think about it as the drive of a keel fine with the agility of your thrusters. 
: 5.98 "
Height: 5.86 "
Rake: 29.5 °
Foil: Flat
Material: G10
Base: 4.08 inch
Height: 3.82 inch
Rake: 28.0 Degree
Material: G10
Cant angle for Futures based twin: 4 Degree

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cleveland Bigelow III

Have a SMIK 8'3" Hipster twin SUP. CDrive and the nub are awesome. One foot to head to and a half. Boom boom acka lacka boom boom !!

Joel Wasserman
Twin Fin Stinger~

I Put these fins on my custom 7' Retro Stinger... I love the hold I get from the long base, the carved out trailing edge of fin, really allows for a sharper turning radius without losing the speed from a paralleled angle of attack. Frees up the ability to maneuver in various parts of the wave, where as a traditional fish keels needs to run out all speed before whipping a turn. If you love twin fins, but aren't getting enough bite during late drops on steeper waves, this may be the answer to your question without having to surf a thruster or quad fin.

Try it, you will not be disappointed!
-fin geek.