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The Bessell Quads were designed by San Diego shaper Tim Bessell.  Tim originally designed these quads for his Barracuda model, "which is a cross fish and a performance board."   They're a split keel design that "work great in anything from classic Fishes to hybrids and high performance shortboards."  Both the fronts and rears have a unique inside (transitional concave) foil that Tim has dialed in over the course of several decades. 

Tim began his professional surfboard shaping career when he began working at Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas, Ca as a teenager.  By the age of thirteen, Tim had begun shaping boards for himself and others out of La Jolla, Ca.  At the time he was one of the youngest surfboard shapers in the industry.  He hasn't looked back since and, to date, has shaped and produced over 46,000 boards. "His boards have graced the covers of Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Beach Culture, and countless other surfing magazines. Many world class surfers have ridden Bessell Surfboards including: Peter KingLuke EganJon RosemanGlen WintonBrad Gerlach, Vetea David, Ricky Irons, David MacAulay, Saxon Boucher, Debbie Melville Beacham, Ryder Mackey, Chris O'Rourke, Billy Choe, Simon Law, Juston Postin, David Eggers, Davie Miller, Richard Kenvin and more."

We're stoked to be making these fins for Tim!  We're currently offering them in Medium and Large, in both futures and fcs bases. 

The Bessell quads are part of our Apex Series line.  Every fin is CNC cut from G10 fiberglass to insure precision foiling as well as consistent quality and flex patterns.  All Apex Series fins come with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.   They're built to last! 


Base: 4.53"
Height: 4.33"
Rake: 35.7 Degrees
Area: 14.25 Square Inch
Foil: Concave

Base: 3.64"
Height: 3.21"
Rake: 38.1 Degrees
Area: 8.98 Square Inch
Foil: Concave
Base: 5.10"
Height: 4.3"
Rake: 42.3 Degrees
Area: 17.05 Square Inch
Foil: Concave

Base: 3.64"
Height: 3.21"
Rake: 38.1 Degrees
Area: 8.98 Square Inch
Foil: Concave

G10 is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and baking it an autoclave to have the maximum strength of any fiberglass available. Learn more

about the NVS Apex Series fins here.

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