Aipa Mod Clutch (7.5" & 8.25") - Apex

  • $75.00

The Mod Clutch is a modern classic template; a vintage design with modified components to capture the best of both time periods...then and now.  The Mod Clutch offers a full performance feel with a classy flow.

Available in 7.5” and 8.5”,

The 7.5” is Ideal for mid lengths and egg type boards and is a perfect compliment for Aipa models ,The Funboy, Da Kaiser, Da Buttz and Big Boy Sting up to 7’6”.

The 8.25” is ideal for larger performance single fins or longboards and complement the Aipa models, the Big Boy Sting and the Big Brother Sting.

Use as a stand alone single fin or 2+1 configurations.

7.50" - 4.87" Base
8.25" - 5.36" Base

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