Aipa Ahi Hook - Apex

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What started as a "what-if" conversation ended up being something magical.  

We love the Ahi Twins and the Da-Hook Thrusters so we decided to see what would happen if they had a baby.  

The Ahi Twin is a performance oriented upright twin, designed by Duke Aipa, for his Dark Twinn model as well as other high performance twins and twinnies.  The wide base provides loads of drive and the upright template and refined tip provide increased maneuverability over more classic twin fin outlines.  These fins are ideal for increased speed and fluid rail to rail transitions.  

The Da Hook is a futuristic performance fin for the surfer that wants to take their surfing to the next level. Designed by Legendary Hawaiian Surfer/Shaper Ben Aipa and re-imagined by his son Duke Aipa, Da Hook incorporates a unique arc that creates lift for increased drive, bites the face of the wave while aiding in controlled arc turns, and grabs the wall with a unique catch/release when executing turns.

Da Hook is a secret weapon...Like Ben used to say, "Just Hook it!"

Base: 5.15"
Height: 5.59"
Area: 19.13 in²
Rake: 29.98°
Foil: Flat
Material: G10

Cant angle for Futures based twins: 6 Degree

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