Greg Webber Extractor Quad - Apex

  • $140.00

The Extractors quads feature tall, highly refined and raked outlines. Greg says “these quad sets offer excellent grip and speed in small waves with the rear fins being little enough to allow for tighter turns and steering the whole feel halfway to that of a twin fin.”  There's a lot of biomimicry in this design.  To us, they resemble the caudal fins of ocean going fish such as Tuna, Marlin or Swordfish.   The outlines allow for a deeper flex pattern which brings an adaptability to the board and surfer that is uncommon with more standard fin templates.  

Base: 4.69"
Height: 5.48"
Area: 17.09 sq inch
Rake: 36.3 degrees
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
Base: 3.54"
Height: 4.17"
Area: 9.81 sq inch
Rake: 35.4 degrees
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
"I've been playing with Greg's quads in a range of boards for a little over a year and can honestly say it’s one of the more fun, dynamic feels I've ever experienced.  The free-flowing speed and responsiveness is unreal.  I've managed to connect turns with a fluidity that in those moments, far surpasses my general ability.  They've worked particularly well in quads with a little more tail rocker; the tall, raked back outlines pair well with an accentuated rocker line."  -Jamin Luoto, Co-Founder of NVS. 

Greg Webber is known within the surf world as someone who has always pushed the boundaries of surf craft performance.  He’s been an innovator and shaper for top surfers all over the planet.  In 1970, at age 10, Greg started shaping boards that were inspired by the likes of Hot Buttered and McCoy surfboards.  Greg shaped his first polyurethane Webber surfboard from a broken nose Midget Farrelly board that he found in a trash bin at Bondi beach.  Greg has shaped for legendary brands such as G&S but has always come back to doing his own thing.  

Greg re-founded Webber surfboards in 1996 back at Yamba and then moved back to Sydney in 2004 where he continued to build Webber surfboards for pros around the globe such as: Shaun Tomson, Sunny Garcia, Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr, and Kelly Slater to name a few.  

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