Kraken - Apex Flex

  • $120.00

Limited Edition

Our Volan fiberglass, precision foiled Kraken Twins are a well balanced, large twin template, designed for fluid, stylish surfing. The Krakens Twins with our dynamic SeriesIII Foiling will deliver effortless speed down the line, with smooth rail to rail transitions. These twins will compliment any fish outline. They can also be thrown in hybrid shorties or standard thrusters that carry more width/volume through the tail. These fins are ridiculously fun, and will open up new horizons for those looking to expand their stye. Think late 70's, early 80's flow crossed with progressive, modern-day performance.

We're releasing the Krakan fins in Apex Flex construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled volan fiberglass for increased flex. 

: 5.37"
Area: 19.57 in²
Rake: 34.2°
Foil: Flat

Cant angle for Futures based twins: 6.5 Degree

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

A great set of fins, user friendly, drive, hold and dependable, go great in all my boards = my twin fin and a number of grovelers that I choose to ride as a twin on smaller days to open them up for speed. To me this fin really is the foundational twin fin to have in the fin quiver and then migrate off the Kraken reservation to experiment. Like another reviewer stated, I hope they never discontinue them!

Great fin!

Took these for a spin and have a real nice flex to them. A little stiffer then a black stix but it’s a good thing. 1st thing you notice when you install these the amount of flex and twang at the tips. When you load these up they have a whip like effect that gets you extra spring when doing turns. These fins are the perfect for your softer days but I feel they still have the rigidity when it gets overhead they will still work. I hope NVS uses Volan in their other models in the future.

Awesome fin

Love these fins! Really open up the speed on my wider groveler so nicely and work really well on my true twin fin.

Just a great fin I hope they keep it around for awhile, I have Futures base, see they are out of stock got a little knick on one of them so hopefully I can get a replacement at some point if it gets worse.

Anyway really love these fins!