GL Thrusters (L) - Honeycomb

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The Honeycomb GL Thruster surfboard fin is a large sized template, available in both FCS and Futures base. The GL is a scaled up version of the widely popular NV-5.0 template. We extended the base to optimize down the line projection and drive through bottom turns. We also thinned out both the trailing edge and tip significantly, yielding a very progressive, responsive flex pattern. These fins are extremely fast and will allow surfers speed and control through arcing turns and in powerful surf. The GLs also allow larger surfers to more easily generate speed in smaller waves.

Size: Large
Weight Range: 175 lbs and over / 79 kg and over

Base: 4.73 inch / 12.0 cm
Height: 4.77 inch / 12.1 cm
Area: 16.12 sq inch / 104 sq cm
Sweep: 36.5 degrees
Foil: Flat SeriesIII

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