At home workouts Part 1

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At Home Workouts

Our good friend Bram Wiley put a training routine together for some of his friends and we wanted to share them with you.

While these aren’t surf specific routines they are a general workout that was designed for people at home without needing special equipment.

Disclaimers: We are not trainers nor do we know your skill / fitness level.  If you're not conformable doing these exercises or have a question seek answers from a doctor or personal trainer.   

Here's an at home workout to keep you going.

Repeat every other day, up to 3x a week.


15 Jumping Jacks + Running in Place x 15 seconds
5-8 rounds


Glute Bridge x 10-20 reps [tuck pelvis under]
2-3 sets; Rest 30-45 seconds between sets

Group 1
Stationary Lunges x 10-15 each leg [front knee over front ankle at the bottom]


Push-Ups x 10-20 [flex glutes, pull shoulders down from ears, retract your chin]


Leg Raises x 10-20 [tilt pelvis under]

2-3 rounds

Group 2

Towel Door Rows x 10-20 [walk feet forwards to add difficulty, squeeze shoulders down and back at end, don't break your door!!]


Hip Hikes x 8-15 each side [keep low back neutral]


Floor Sliding Hamstring Curls x 10-20 [tuck pelvis under]

2-3 rounds


Finish with 3 deep breaths in each of these stretches:


Hip Flexors



Inner Thigh



Doorway Chest Stretch


Biceps [you can grab a door frame]

Want to be more flexible?  Do another round or two of the above stretches.

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